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    What are the Precautions for Aluminum Profile During Stretching?

    Feb. 18, 2020

    As a Modular Pipe System Manufacturer, share with you.

    1. Stretching must be cooled in the Aluminum Profile to less than 50 degrees before moving to the stretching frame for stretching operations. If the temperature is too high, stretching will burn the human body and the tops, and it will not completely eliminate the aluminum alloy. The internal stress of the profile shows absolute waste such as twists, twists, and poor function before and after aging.

    2. The stretching amount is controlled at 1%, and it should be noted that too much stretching will cause head, middle and tail scale errors, the appearance of water-like twist (fish scale) marks, low elongation, high hardness and brittleness (low plasticity). The too low tensile amount will make the compressive strength and hardness of the profile low, and even the aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, and the profile is easy to bend and bend (commonly known as large knife bend).

    3. In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and the dimensions of the entire profile, it is necessary to select a suitable special clamp and a suitable method. In particular, the opening material, arc material, cantilever material, and zigzag shape profile should pay attention to the reasonable and useful application of the stretch clamp.

    4. Pay attention to the stress of small feet, thin teeth, long legs, arc surfaces, inclined surfaces, openings, viewpoints, etc. on profiles with high width-to-thickness ratio, long cantilever walls, large arcs, huge wall thicknesses, and strange shapes. Conditions, to avoid the profile or point scale deformation, twisting, spiral and other shortcomings.

    5. Due to the effect of heat resistance of the wool top, aluminum profiles with high decorative appearance must be turned upside down and up to facilitate uniform heat dissipation and reduce the shortcomings of lateral bright spots caused by uneven crystallinity due to uneven heat dissipation, especially the large width. Surface, thicker aluminum profiles should pay more attention.

    6. Do not rub, pull, stack, jam or entangle each other during the process of reclaiming, moving and stretching, and leave a certain interval between each other. The aluminum alloy profiles that are prone to twists and turns and the length of the discharge should be disposed of in a timely manner, and the maintenance and disposal of each other should be done when necessary.

    How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profile parts:

    Aluminum Profile

    Aluminum Profile

    Industrial aluminum profile accessories have three processes when they are produced, namely casting, extrusion and coloring. The common surface treatments are electrochemical aluminum and electrophoretic coating aluminum.

    To know the quality of industrial aluminum profile accessories, we must pay attention to the thickness of the oxide film, because if the thickness is not enough, aluminum profile accessories are prone to rust and corrosion. The thickness of the oxide film of standard industrial aluminum profile accessories must not be less than ten Microns. Also, pay attention to its chemical composition when viewing, because many aluminum profiles will be mixed with a lot of waste aluminum during production, which will pose a great threat to safety.

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