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    What are the Causes of Typical Defects in Aluminum Profiles?

    Feb. 11, 2020

    As a China Aluminum Joint Supplier, share with you.

    Aluminum Extrusion Profile

    Aluminum Extrusion Profile

    1. Aluminum Extrusion Profile Bending, twisting, wave, due to the irrational design of the die hole, the extrusion speed is too fast, the die hole is not properly lubricated, the guide is not suitable or the guide is not installed.

    2. Bubbles and peeling; due to the excessive wear of the inner diameter of the extrusion cylinder, the gap between the extrusion pad and the cylinder is too large; the extrusion cylinder and the extrusion pad are stuck with oil and sewage grades; the surface of the ingot has air holes, trachoma, oil, and the surface of the ingot is too large Rough; the temperature of the extrusion barrel and the temperature of the ingot is too high and the filling is too fast; the mold is greased during extrusion.

    3. Extrusion cracks; due to the excessive temperature of the extruded billet, the extrusion speed is too fast; the ingot homogenization treatment is not good; the mold design is unreasonable, resulting in excessively large differences in the center and edge flow rates.

    4. Hemp point or hemp surface; because the temperature of the barrel and the ingot is too high, the extrusion speed is too fast or uneven; the mold work belt is stuck with metal and is not smooth; the mold workbench belt has insufficient hardness or the inner width of the work belt; the ingot is too long And other reasons.

    5. Scratches and convex edges; due to the mold work with defects or edges; the empty tool of the mold has sharp edges, not smooth; foreign matter on the work surface, not clean; hard inclusions in the ingot block the mold holes and other reasons.

    6. Dimensions are unqualified; due to mold design errors or manufacturing defects; improper mold repair; ingot billet temperature rises too high during extrusion, extrusion speed changes too much; ingot billet length calculation is not accurate enough for fixed-length length and other reasons.

    7. Layers; due to oil stains and dust on the surface of the ingot; the surface quality of the ingot is not good, with large segregation knobs; residual material is left on the surface of the mold; the ingot itself is caused by delamination and bubbles.

    8. Shrinkage; due to the extrusion residue is too short, the extrusion gasket is oiled or dirty, the surface of the ingot is not clean, the length of the product is not enough, and the extrusion speed is suddenly increased at the end of extrusion.

    9. Unqualified performance: Due to the extrusion temperature being too low, the profile cannot reach the quenching temperature; the artificial aging system is not suitable; the instrument is out of control, the furnace temperature is too high or too low; the ingot structure is uneven, and the cooling air volume is insufficient.

    10. Extruded horizontal lines. Due to the irrational design of the mold, the working belts of the same location are not of equal length; the extrusion speed is not controlled properly; the extruder is not running smoothly. 

    The aluminum profiles produced by our company will not have these reasons, please rest assured to order. We also have Aluminum Pipe on sale, welcome to consult.

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